Cafe Medici provides cool atmosphere, hot coffee, and convenience for students

The tenth most caffeinated city in the nation is not slowing down any time soon.

Austin, Texas has no shortage of hip coffee joints and cozy study spots.  When University of Texas students are on campus within the Forty Acres area, however, their options are pretty much limited to the Starbucks located in some of the buildings.  In addition to the long lines, the atmosphere in these coffee shops is  not ideal for every student.

Somewhere in the stack of coupons I collected during my first semester at UT, I stumbled upon a “Free Coffee” card from Cafe Medici.  From then on out, the hunt for my favorite cup-of-joe-while-cramming was over!

Located on busy corner of 22 Street and Guadalupe, squeezed in between a CVS Pharmacy and a copy store, this unlikely gem provides an environment that more closely resembles its hip counterparts than the typical, commercial vibes of store on the “Drag.”

After leaving class and passing an endless string of fast food joints and chain stores, the cool music floating out of Medici’s usually open door can draw in anyone.

It is the coffee, however, that keeps them there. From cappuccinos to add-in flavors to your basic cup of coffee, Cafe Medici offers it all (with a side option of Quack’s Bakery cookies, mind you).

According to the company themselves, their espresso is the Espresso Medici blend by Cuvee. Their website says it is “sweet and fruity with a chocolate finish.”

With two floors and a wide range of customers (business people, students, even professors) Medici is a picture of variety in the most convenient of places for students.

View from the second level of Cafe Medici on Guadalupe
View from the second level of Cafe Medici on Guadalupe



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