Tattoo Taboos

AUSTIN, TX– Students at the University of Texas say they are facing a stigma because of the art on their body.

The popular trend of tattoos are becoming more accepted in our society, but young people are still encountering a bias, especially in the professional world.

“You should never be afraid of someone with tattoos,” said Steven, local tattoo artist.

Steven said that his favorite part about tattoos was the designing and creative process.  He said it was a work of art, but many people choose to put their tattoos in places that can be hidden.

“I have gotten ten tattoos,” said Steph, a student at the University of Texas.  “The placement was the hardest part.”

Another student, Logan Landry, said that she placed her tattoo on her wrist so that it can be hidden by her watch because she wants to be a teacher.  She said she feels that in that particular  profession, people wouldn’t want to see a tattoo.

Many students respond to the claim that prejudices still exist towards tattoo owners, and our J302F news team investigates.


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